Frequently asked questions

What does my investment go towards?

You investment covers everything listed under the options. It will also go towards: - Rental fees - Advertising - Social media management - Paraphenalia for the event, including gift bags - Newsletter management

What if I need to cancel?

There are no refunds but 75% of your investment will be valid towards a future event. Your original investment cost will be taken at it's strict monetary value and will not reserve the pricing advertised on your original agreement.

How many vendors in my genre of the industry will there be?

No more than three, unless you provide consumables.

What is a themed linen? Can I bring my own?

Each expo will have a different theme. When you reserve your space, we'll provide a linen that matches the decor. Your company will help the cohesive overall feel, which will dazzle attendees even further. You're very welcome to bring your own signs for your booth but we will be providing all linens to keep within the aestetic.

What if I need more than six feet for my booth?

Please let us know if you need more space. Those offering consumables will be permitted to expand their space. This MUST be communicated sixty days prior to the event.

Will I be able to pick my booth/venue spot in the expo?

You're welcome to communicate your needs but due to the limited space of the venue, plus the amount of vendors, it will be necessary to plan the layout with a rain plan in mind. Don't worry, there will be no bad spaces in the expo. Because it's boutique style, the attendees will not be overwhelmed by busyness.

How do the social media shoutouts work?

Each tier comes with a promise of social media shoutouts. The amount prior to the event depends on how far in advance you sign up. For example, if you sign up six months prior to the event and invest in the largest tier, we will promise five shout outs prior to the event and one afterwards, to keep our followers mindful of your brand. However, if you sign up a month prior, then we can promise one prior to the event and then five after the event. The shoutouts are largely dependent on your sending us the necessary blurb and images. We will not be hunting down images/blurbs for you.